Mama Mavis



Mama Mavis, also known as Mavis Veno, pastors wife at Madang Lighthouse.  She has been my gift from God since my first day in Madang.  (She’s sick in this picture so she’s not smiling) Mama and I are kindred spirits.  Mama is a pastor to pastor’s wives but more than that God is using her to train up the women in Papua New Guinea.

She has become a dear friend that is always an encouragement and a cheerleader.  Mavis is a great worship leader and teacher.  In this picture we are having lunch and were working on a training day for youth worship leaders.  She is so anxious and excited (as am I ) to train the youth and see them take over PNG for Christ. 



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  1. Carina! I love reading your blogs. I can’t wait to go to PNG. Hopefully we will be able to visit you. Unfortunately our plans to go this year fell through, but we still want to go! Love you!

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