Please don’t read this if you have a weak stomach. But I have to tell this story.
So here in PNG we a staple food is called Kumu (Koo Moo). Its basically a green leafy vegetable that is sort of like spinach but 10times better tasting. Its so good!!
In Madang I could buy it for cheap at market, but here in Moresby (a big city) its very expensive and it never looks good.
So yesterday I went to THE supermarket, its the best one in Moresby. And they had this amazing Kumu for sale, very cheap. I got super excited and bought a bunch of it. It looked beautiful and my mouth was watering the whole way home just waiting to eat the kumu.
When I walked in the door I shouted, “Paul I got kumu.” He got so excited and rushed into the kitchen and we immediately began cutting off the stems licking our lips like little children in a candy store. Seriously, you have to try this stuff.
We cut off the stems we noticed a little cockroach, crawling out of the leafy greens. I screamed (like I always do when I see them) and Paul killed it. No big deal.
As I started washing the greens 3 more cockroaches crawled out (3/4 of an inch) not big in PNG standards, but still big enough to make me cringe.  When I began to boil the kumo 3 more large cockroaches floated to the top, along with several other strange bugs. It was like they were having a convention.
I continued to boil the kumo but my stomach turned every time I stirred the pot. All I could do was picture the many carcasses of those disgusting insects. In total we killed 8, all varying in size.
Paul and I both agreed that we couldn’t eat the kumo. There are many things we have to overcome on the mission field. Many times we eat things with a big gulp. But I just can’t eat a cockroach, in my own kitchen.


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  1. Carina, I am so glad you shared that story. I have been missing you bunches this week. I was sitting in my office yesterday thinking how much I missed your hugs around the office. Anyways, this story totally brightened my day because I can picture you screaming about that cockroach! Yikes! I am glad you didn’t eat it. And, I am glad they all came out before you took a bite!

  2. To make your stomach turn even more – just think of all the liklik binatangs you can not see but still eat anyway. Just imagine if you ate kumu from a restaurtant in Moresby they may not have the same standards as yourself.

  3. EEEEWW!!!! That’s gross! And Robby told me this story as we were eating Chipoltle! I asked him if he was excited about eat PNG food…he said he was until this happened! HAHA! I think he plans on doing a 3 mnth fast! 😉
    MISS you!!
    MUCH love!!

  4. Wow, you are amazing, just amazing, amazing, amazing!!!! UGH. I will never complain again about a few little bugs in our fresh produce again!

  5. Carina,
    You made the Kumu sound so delicious…then the events of preparing it continued, my eyes got huge with the picture you painted in my mind! I could imagine your scream, I was screaming inside with you!
    May the LORD bless you and your family! May His glory continue to be reflected by Your lives. May He continue to bless You with His peace even in the midst of the poverty you see everyday! And may you be blessed with some bug free Kumu very soon! You are in our prayers.
    Blessings in Him,
    jenni & Art

    • Thank you so much Jenni,
      You and Art are such prayer warriors I consider it an honor to have you both praying. Blessings upon you guys and your family. Buy a package of salad greens and think of me.
      Love you, Carina Greer

  6. Hi Carina,
    You do not know me or I you, but I am having a wonderful time learning and living through the eyes of your family. I belong to a foursquare church in Cheney, Washington and found my way to you by way of the Foursquare site. I have never had Kumu, but we were a military family for 21 years and were stationed in Florida….so the cockroaches hit a backcrawling nerve:-) Peace to you and your family! Love those first day pictures, it’s such a fun time for them!

    • Thanks Angela,
      I’m so glad you found me. Yeah, the cockroaches here definitely make my skin crawl, did you have flying ones in Florida? Those are the worst cause they are harder to kill.
      I laugh at how God in his infinite wisdom created those things, maybe they sneaked onto the Ark.
      Blessings my friend, I hope we get to meet sometime soon.

  7. Oh yes, they flew! And yes, sneaked must be right!!! Hope all is well with your family and that everyone is safe and healthy. Love on all of those children for me!

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